In "Please! Ranking" "Bun Bog 009" starts!

"Bunborg 009" was broadcasted on Thursday, March 14 in the late-night TV Asahi series "Please! Ranking".

With "Bun Bog 009",
The Bunborg warriors, remodeled by Dr. Gagemore, who loves stationery.
They are to improve people's academic ability and stationery life day and night,
We introduce the latest stationery, develop new stationery, and work.

These two people appeared in the first broadcast.

・ Bunborg 009 (Zero Zero Nine) / Joe Komura (Jun Shinmura)
Pen-shaped cyborg. It has a "retouching device".

・ Gademore Dr. (Gademore's Hanesuke)
The creator of the Bunborg Warrior. Stationery mania.

We will be active in the "Please! Ranking" in the future.
Please look forward to when the next appearance will be.

【Program information】
"Please! Ranking"
Every Thursday 25: 10 ~ TV Asahi series ※ except for some areas